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Domain Name Extensions For New Zealand Businesses – Here’s What You Should Know

domain-name-registrationIf you’re wondering about the domain name extensions for businesses in New Zealand, you should know that there are three of them. They are .NZ, .Co.Nz, and .Net.Nz – you can register your domain name with one of those extensions or all of them. In this article, we’re going to talk more about those extensions so you will know which one is best for

While .NZ is the first country-specific domain name extension for New Zealand, it does not mean that it’s the best for business. As a matter of fact, if you plan on building a shopping cart that requires security, you should invest in a Net.NZ domain. It’s the one that’s popular among tech businesses in the country, reportedly because it’s more secure. However, if your company name is popular, or else your product or service is, make it a point to us both extensions so your competitors and those cyber squatters cannot poach traffic from your brand.

Just like the rest of the world, businesses in New Zealand cannot afford not to have a presence online. As more and more New Zealanders find it more convenient to use the Internet to look for things and buy them, the businesses that have a strong presence online are the ones that win. Of course, if you’re like most other businesses, you will want to become the winner.

Registering your business’ domain name is very important. Why? It can make or break your brand. If you don’t know what domain name to register, you will find some helpful tips below for selecting your domain name.

A domain is, really, what marks your business online. It’s your home address that points people to your place of business. That said, when registering your domain name, there are two thing you need to remember: One, your domain name should be easy to remember and two, it should be relevant to your business. However, if you already have an offline business like a restaurant that has strong customer base, you can use the same name for your website too.

But if you don’t have an offline business and are only planning for strictly online business, choosing a domain name can be more challenging. However, it’s not at all rocket science. Remember what we said about relevance and being easy to remember? To come up with a list of domain names, think about the words that people use in order search for your business. Make a short list of three domain names and brainstorm with other people about the best name to register.

Once you’ve come up with a domain name, choosing the domain extension comes next. As we said earlier, there are three types of domain name extensions. It’s always a good idea to register three domain names with the three domain name extensions, especially if you already have a strong brand offline.

Check if the domain name is available by registering it with an approved domain registrar. You can find a complete list of registrars on Please remember, you do NOT own the domain that you register. Rather, you’re only given authority to use it for some time, typically in fixed time frames of one year, two years, three years, four years, and five years.

If you prefer to register a .com domain name, you can. However, registering a domain name that’s specific to New Zealand has one distinct benefit: If there’s a dispute regarding your website, you can move to have a dispute resolution service opened for FREE with New Zealand’s Domain Name Commission. This service is important for businesses that think they have privileges (trademarks, copyright, etc.) to a domain name that another business or person registered. Disputes resolution is much better than litigation because it’s much, much cheaper. And it’s even better if you can resolve your domain name issues for free.

Those who are running non-profit organizations, societies or groups, should an domain name.

That’s it for our article on registering New Zealand-specific domain names. As you can see, it’s not rocket science and is really no different from registering so-called top level .COM or .NET domain names.

What to Consider and When You Should Go For Singapore Domain Names

singapore-domains-namesChoosing an SG domain names is important because it will help you develop a brand for your business. The domain name chosen should have your website into consideration. The reason for doing this is that people will think of your website in terms of its name. If you make your business name the same as your ULR it becomes easier for anyone who wants information about the services or the product you sell to know exactly where to go.

Supposing your business is referred to as tom, and that somebody else holds a similar domain name. Your customers will always recall the name tom. When a client remembers that you own such a product, the first thing they will do is to search something like They may end up onto your competitors’ website if you do not own that domain name. Thus. owning a Singapore domain name that is similar to the name or some of the products you sell will redirect your visitors to your website.

During this time and era, people turn to the web whenever they feel that there is some information they need to know. Because of this reason, it pays to have a domain name that reflects your site or at worst the product you sell. Remember your clients may have not memorized your brand name therefore choosing a name that is easy to recall is vital. Perhaps it is suffice to say that the only people who will memorize your name are your competitors because they visit your website often when they want to compare prices.

There are cases when it may not be possible for you to get a domain name of your choice. Thus, when you realize that it may not be possible for you to do without the name, it may be necessary for you to find out the current owner of that particular domain name and see if you can actually buy the name from him. Luckily, it is easier for you to get the contacts of the owner of the domain names and get in touch with him. You can check the ‘’whois’’ information for the domain name and see if you can contact him so that you can discuss the possibility of buying the name from him. You should be prepared to pay a higher fee if you succeed in convincing him to sell the domain name to you.

But if you are just starting out, the cheaper alternative is for you to obtain the domain name first before you develop your website using the already existing domain name. This means that you must plan about the domain name first, acquire it before you start developing your website.

Generic names such as are really expensive, thus it is necessary that you zero down to the brand you are dealing in and use it in your domain name. Think of names such as models of cars depending on the car you want to start selling. A name such as can bring more traffic to your website. This means that you need to get a domain name that matches your brand. If you have already done some advertisements, choosing a brand name that you advertise with as your brand name will give you a head start since people will brows the name they have heard of or seen in advertisements.

Even though it is possible to have domain names that are as long as 67 characters, settling on an obscure name will disadvantage your business. Therefore when you realize that the current name you are using is unnecessarily long or obscure, it may force you to choose another brand name that is simple and easy to remember. Similarly, if the current name you are using is prone to typos, you will be better off choosing another name that is not confusing and less prone to typos.

If the current domain name does not contain the sites key word, it may not give you an advantage that your competitors may be enjoying. In this case, going for a long name that contains your keyword may make your site more visible and redirect traffic onto your website. Whether you pick on a short name or a long keyworded name is not important. What matters is that you need to get a name that will expose your site and bring more visitors to it.